Monday, October 22, 2012

October 22, 2012 - Lose Weight On Scott's Diet

On Mon, Oct 22, 2012 at 8:33 AM, Scott Hintze <> wrote:
Mommy whazzup that was an unexpected opening.  My mom using the slang and I love it.  I am e mailing again on monday because we had a zone activity where we went to the beach in Winneba.  It is a beautiful place I loved it.  Yes we have a cell phone for each companionship and when we set appointments we can use them to call but the people never really answer so we just show up at there place and hope they are there.  The people here in Ghana don't know time so lots of the time we go and no one is there but usually we will see them during the day or be able to get a hold of them.  There is lots of walking involved.  Also that family of three will be getting baptized this Sunday.  I am really excited about that.  As for Elder Kitchen he is in a different zone and the new district leader is elder Butler he is a sweet guy from Orem Utah.  Matt changed the diaper.  I have to give him props that could be hard.  Yes I take my pills and sleep under the net at night and I have been doing well.  The mission doctor said that is the key to not getting sick and so far it is working.  Yes they have two season a hot one and a rainy season.  The hot season is just starting and the rainy season is around July.  They also have a season they call the homaton.  It is apparently like lots of dust and windstorms.  A lot different from home.   Things are going well here.  There is a festival that will start soon so that will get crazy.  I have heard there will be people dressing up in costumes and all of that fun stuff.  I will take some pictures and send them home.  I also was taught the Azunto which is a Ghanian dance.  Anyway I love you all and I am doing well.  Tell the family hello and that I hope all is going well.  Love you mommy and thank you for the e mail.

I have a little bit more time and wanted to say more.  I meant to tell you what we eat.  Fufu with lots of different soups.  This thing called Abba which is similar to fufu.  We eat rice and beans and rice and stew and bread and eggs.  Then we just eat fruit.  That is what we eat about every day.  There is probably some things that I missed but it definitely is not like home.  Oh well I love all of the food now and don't mind it one bit.  One day maybe I will make it for you.  I met a new elder from New Zealand today he is only a few days on mission and the sweetest accent.  I love you all and hope everything is going well. 

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  1. He is adorable! I'd starve!!!! And I'm concerned about these dust storms. Thanks for posting. Love it!