Tuesday, November 27, 2012

As of November 27, 2012

Scottie has been out for three months and seems to be doing good with a great attitude towards learning, the people, and living conditions.  Scottie says:

Everything is going great for me.  Yes we enjoyed a little thanksgiving.  We had a small get together so that was really fun I enjoyed it.  I am glad that all went well for you during Thanksgiving.  Also, that girl sister prisola, we were able to baptize her this last week.  It took a lot of work but we were able to finish all of the lessons in time. She really had a desire to be baptized and after words she said it is amazing how when you come out of the water you just feel clean and feel like your a new person.  I love hearing the testimonies of the recent converts. It just makes me realize that our Heavenly father is there and that he is helping these people change their lives and become better.  I am glad that you had some time to talk to the missionary from Cape Coast he sounds like a really nice guy.  Keep me updated on the family tell dave and family to keep up the good work and that I love them all.  I love you mommy.  I am doing well and don't need anything in particular sent to me.  Thank you.  

Love Elder Hintze 

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