Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Scott's Experiences November 6, 2012

Mommy thank you so much for the that e mail.  For Halloween we were going to carve a watermelon but we couldn't get our hands on one so we just celebrated by trying to make things that are as close to America as possible.  Things here are great, I wanted to talk about an experience that we had with an investigator name Prisola.  She was having trouble recognizing the holy ghost.  We had been asking her to pray but she said she hadn't really had that feeling.  Well anyway we were teaching her a lesson and the spirit in the lesson was so strong that me and my companion simply asked her what she felt like right now.  We asked her to describe her feelings and she said that she felt like Jesus Christ was sitting right next to her.  We may not realize it but that is how it really feels.  I just loved that moment because you see her face light up when she made that connection. That was something really special to me.  Tell the family hello for me.  That would have been fun to see everyone at Halloween so please send my greetings.  Anyway things are going well.  I wish I had the weather like you do at home.  We are getting to our hot season.  I love you mom and fam hope all is going well. 
Scott was asked about how they are received in the village and if the villagers all know of them: Yes people know where we live here and yes they really do look our for us.  The people there are so nice and friendly and often times they are helping us.  They always make sure we are in  for the night and that we are all safe. No worries there.  

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