Tuesday, January 8, 2013

January 8, 2013

It has been a few weeks since updating the blog but needless to say we had a great phone call with Scott on Christmas Day.  He is doing well and loving his mission in Ghana.  From the conversation we could tell that he is serving in a difficult area, very remote, jungle like and very much removed from modern conveniences. However, they do have a small refrigerator which is probably the only one in the village.  There is also a language barrier with the majority of the Village speaking "Fante".  Scott mentioned that "Fante" is spoken in Church on Sunday and they don't understand what is said.  If you have time, check out "Fante" on You Tube, very different.  If they teach someone that does not speak english, they will involve a member.
Traveling from City to City is crazy, sounds like most of the roads are dirt and when a shuttle (Tro Tro) shows up, 50 are waiting for a ride and 25 climb aboard a Van that seats 8.  I vision people riding on the roof and hood.
He loves the people of Ghana and is amazed at how happy they are.  He has formed close relationships with some families and it appears that the missionaries are well watched over by the members and others which, is comforting news. 
Scott mentioned in this weeks letter that his Companion Elder Bush is being transfered to Cape Coast and Scotts will get a new companion who is from Ghana.  I know Scott will really miss Elder Bush, it has been a great companionship.  Rather than rambling on, I will included portions of Scott's recent emails.

Scott says:
January 1, 2013
Happy New Year. I can't believe it's 2013 already. Wow it goes by so fast. Anyway I loved talking to you all on Christmas. It was my favorite thing to do. I had a really good holiday. I got to talk to the family and spent some time with a member family, which was so fun. They are all so loving and wanted to make sure that we had a good Christmas. They are like family to me.  Teaching is going good. It has been rough for the past couple of weeks but we have now started to teach some people who are progressing well and are wanting to be baptized. We will be teaching and working with them a lot. In fact there is one who said something that stuck out in my mind. We are teaching this girl named Gertrude. We have been teaching her for a few weeks and we were teaching her about faith and repentance. Well in the middle of the lesson we invited her to come to church and she said that the day we met her she was looking for something to help her in her life. During this lesson she explained that our church and this gospel was the change that she was looking for in her life.  We were suppose to teach sis Gertrude. It is amazing how our Heavenly Father will prepare people to receive his gospel. I am really enjoying being around these people and teaching them. I am happy to be serving in Ghana. 

January 8, 2013
We have now hit the time of season where everything is dusty.  So when I come back in from the day of proseltying everything is just really dirty.  I love it though.  I have some news for the whole fam.  Transfers came and Elder Bush my companion will going to serve in Cape Coast.  I will be getting a new companion tommorrow.  He is from Ghana and was a former zone leader.  I am excited to meet him and to serve with him.  It is cool that I get a companion from here in Ghana.  That is the big change that is happening here for me.  As for Gertrude we are hoping that she will be ready by the end of this month so that is what we are pushing for but we aren't sure yet.  We have a few others that we are preparing to be baptized by the end of this month also.  We are hoping for four of them but we will pray and hope for the best.  I can't describe the joy when you teach people and they accept the gospel.  Wow there is such a connection and such love that you feel for these people.  I love this gospel and I know that I am out here for a reason.   


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